While the temperatures in Northern California don’t put a damper on automotive activity themselves, there’s no denying that as wintertime approaches, the show season starts to slow down. Not long ago we were in Los Angeles for WEKFEST and this past weekend we made the journey to San Jose for another banger of a show hosted by the homies.

After making the five and a half hour trek northbound and kicking it for a day it was time to start prepping the cars for roll in. The first thing we noticed was the sheer volume of quality vehicles making their way into the venue and getting set up. Most of you saw the SEMA monsters that Riko brought out a few weeks ago and they were both in attendance here. The guys at Function and Form had their Hondas out in force and Greddy and Karuma boasted killer lineups as well.

As the event began to unfold we walked the building and took in the metal displayed throughout. We ran into plenty of people that have been following both Fatlace and Illest since day one and seeing how excited they were to this day was rad. There were also a handful of the younger crowd that have just recently taken a liking to the culture and it was neat to see the generational gap also.

Overall the event proved yet again that when you take the time and effort to build something unique, period, and of quality fashion; the end result is stellar. It was almost impossible to pay attention to all of the detailed rigs at once, but we’ll let the photos below speak for themselves. We had a great time in NorCal and can’t wait to see everyone at the next gig.

A few heaters of the Illest x Riko builds exclusive tees. We appreciate everyone that took the opportunity to stop by the booth and pick one up. It was a pleasure vending with all of the other brands that were present as well!