Wren Sound releases the Wren V5 wireless speaker system that combines old-school audio materials with cutting-edge technology. Various versions are available specifically tailored for either Airplay, Play-Fi and Bluetooth and can be hooked up to your TV or Blu-ray player for a full room audio solution.

I was immediately drawn to the sleek and sophisticated styling with the rosewood (also available in bamboo wood) and silver aluminum accents that brought out the subtle curves of the device. The design easily fits into any modern setting.

The device connects to Apple or Android devices over Wi-Fi – Airplay, Play-Fi and Bluetooth along with the USB and AUX dock to charge and connect additional devices. Wirelessly connect and stream music from up to 150 feet from a Wi-Fi router or access point and up to 30 feet from the speaker for Bluetooth version.

The speaker has a silicone pad base that stabilizes the frame and absorbs cabinet vibration, so the speaker can play at high volume without vibrations. Additional controls on the device allow to control the volume and switch between sources.

After testing out the speaker in various scenarios, I found the speaker sound to be quite nice and set-up is a breeze. The Bluetooth functionality made it easy to switch back and forth between different devices including my iPhone and iPad to provide whole room sound. I also connected the speaker via an auxiliary cable direct to my MacBook Pro to provide extra sound power when streaming a movie.

Sound quality is superb. The highs are nice and crisp while the warm mid-tones provide a nice balance. The bass is solid and rich. I tested the sound with various types of music from hip-hop to electronic and rock and each genre was easily showcased to its full potential with this speaker system.

Size matters and the Wren V5 combines convenient wireless connectivity with the sound of other larger and expensive speaker systems. The Wren V5 does need to be plugged into a power outlet, but that can be expected and with killer styling it looks like a modern piece of furniture and does not take away from the overall design of the room. Yet, if portability is needed, the device easily can be moved into various settings. I can see the speaker being moved from room to room or even brought outdoors for gatherings such as BBQs.

The Wren V5 can be purchased on various websites including the Wren Sound website. For $399.00, the Wren V5 is at the top of its class in its price point.