YoYoFactory just released a new video on their soon to be released SuperNova. A little back ground on the video and the product provided by YYF
“The Supernova started life under the name SEVER3 but the name didn’t capture the essence of the yo-yo. ‘The SEVERE yo-yo development was going a direction and the SEVER3 is a step back from that direction to a more refined product. I want to keep pushing boundaries with the SEVERE and release more SEVERE yo-yos in the future so we decided to switch up the name” says Tyler Severance. So why Supernova? Ben McPhee fields that one “it hasn’t been since the Superstar was released that we have had a single model that has immediately captured the Teams attention and generated a straight up love. Vashek won Czech Nationals the week he got the yo-yo, other players who haven’t even tried it are requesting it to do player editions.” So why is it hot? “Players are getting hyped on it” Ben tells, “Tyler has been throwing it since before USA Nationals and we haven’t really pushed it to anyone we have just started getting requests and getting tons of feedback, all of it positive”
material: 7071 Alloy
weight: 67.3gm
width: 44.2mm
diameter: 56.3mm
gap 4.8mm
origin: USA
pad: CBC slim
bearing: Large SPEC

On a side note we still have YoYoFactory yoyos in stock at the Japan Town location and we will be putting up new YYF yoyos up on the webstore this week. They make great stocking stuffers!