Yeah, so this is a little late, sorry for keeping everyone here in Indo waiting things should start going quicker for me now.

Before I left SF I had planned out my first car show Otoblitz classic Car Show in Jakarta on the 17th of Dec once I got here I made some new connections that I thought were planning on going to the same show. Turns out there were 2 shows on the same weekend, so I did the Otoblitz on Saturday and the Accelera Auto Contest on Sunday.

Part 1

Saturday I arrived at the facility after a 2hr air conditioned cab ride got out of the car and said “holly crap it’s Hot!!”.  First yes, it takes 2 hours on average to drive across town without traffic this is the 3rd biggest city in the world according to what I saw on Discovery Channel, Second we are talking about a 20 degree  difference from where I was which was already hot.

The facility was nice with a few cars out front nothing special though as I entered I they had a few nice cars a Corolla, a Mercedes, a Camero all from the early 70’s and the classic Renault Race car.

As I rounded the corner they had a long display of classic auto magazine adds and after that some Vespa’s, Harley’s and other classic bikes. As far as I could tell that was it for the inside so I ventured out to the back lot where all the local car clubs were set up, as I exited I heard that screem of an engine at high RPM and realized they had a little drift track set up mostly locals learning and having fun but one pro was there to show how it is done.

The Independent Volvo Owners club had a serious showing with a good amount of cars and very professional information markers they were actually much nicer than the Otoblitz information markers. 

Then the rain came and I got stuck under a tent watching the water rise luckily I was sharing it with some nice rides and they picked the right spot for the tent and my feet stayed dry.

The Indonesian Bimmers club and a few other BMW clubs all parked together for an all Beemer row.

I think I want one

I love angular flares
my fav VW of the weekend


Once the rain stopped I spent a couple hours chatting and taking pics but was a little disappointed in the overall size of the show. I decided to make one more run through the show to make sure I didn’t forget anything, just inside the front doors opposite the Camero was a set of 4 doors with a sign BNI Emerald Lounge, Executive bank lounges are common here but I had never been in one so I decided to try, I confidently smiled at the beautiful girls on each side of the door they let me right in. As I entered I realized this wasn’t the Emerald lounge this was the main part of the show. Absolutely no signs that I could see marked it as open to everybody.

Overall it was a mixture of cars from every country and new and old modified and stock, I don’t know if I would call it a classic car show but I liked the mix. See for your self.

It;s Hard to believe this isn’t in the states

[caption id="attachment_40952" align="alignnone" width="600"] classic wagon

’53 and a Fairlady


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