The end is near, so this is my last post…either end of the world or end of the year.  But regardless of whichever comes first, it’s a good time for reflection on the past year.  My past year can be characterized by one word – opportunity.

First and foremost, I am truly thankful for the opportunity to be a part of Fatlace, Hellaflush, and the StayFresh Crew.  See all of my past posts here, but the posts that capture my favorite memories of the year are on Pow Wow Hawaii 2012, 90th Anniversary of the Hawaii Theater, and Electric Palms Music Festival.

The most memorable photographic adventure of the year is my night on the top of Koko Head Stairs. In a nutshell…back to back hikes, hours of shooting, car towed for parking after park closed, two tickets on car windshield, long drive home, little sleep…worth it?In addition to the memories captured, I was blessed with the opportunity to have some photos featured in Honolulu Magazine, Modern Luxury Hawaii, and 808 Ink Magazines, and also on the covers of Porsche 356 Registry and Hot VWs Magazines.So if you’ve read this post, the world has not ended and a new year is just around the corner!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!