A few days ago I attended the video reveal for the 311RS built by Ryan Gates at Oakley HQ. Ryan had invited me a about a month ago and I made the trek from Downtown LA along with Dai Yoshihara to South OC…only took about 2 hours due to the wonders of rush hour traffic. Once we got there we were able to see a collection of Mitsubishi EVOs parked outside the massive fortress that is Oakley HQ.

The Gates311 was on display, this vehicle has an impressive resume to say the least in 2009, Gates was able to set 8 lap records and went undefeated on his way to both a Redline Time Attack and Super Lap Battle championship. The stage was then set for the next project, the 311RS.

The concept behind the 311RS is to produce “11” limited edition and fully warrantied street machines. With 3 years of testing and development behind the build each step of the way was documented from the installation of the correct suspension, wheels, livery by my good friend Jon Sibal, to the custom Etnies e-suede interior. On display at the event was prototype 311RS.

Inside Oakley the guests gathered to see parts on display, drink margaritas and beer and wait to enter the theater room to view the main attraction the full 20 minute video. Captured by Film Matters on an outstanding collection of cameras including a Snaproll Media helicopter, GoPro Hero 2’s and a couple RED Epics. Ryan also went through a presentation that gave a quick glimpse into what is to come with the RS311 Black Track. Can’t wait to see this version come to fruition.

For more information and full video release date to the public visit www.311rs.com/