So wow here I am writing for Hellaflush : ) my name is Erin Friend’s call me Bliss or Mr Bliss I live in Indonesia so I will be covering events, builds and races from out here.

A little about myself, I have been into cars my whole life some of my first memories are cruising with my pops in his V8 Vega and cleaning parts in his shop. My first car was a ‘73 Nova Super Sport with 350HP and 380Lbs of torque my last was an ’01 Galant GTZ. My next car? Well, we’ll find out soon enough.

I have also been a hobby photographer for about 18 years. I love working with cars in my photography looking for that new angle or a little different lighting than anyone else at an event is doing, and I love detail shots.  Obviously I am stoked to be working with Hellaflush now, who wouldn’t be?

Here are a couple things I have shot in the last few years. Forgive me for the lack of variety my hard drives and negatives are on a ship somewhere in the Pacific right now.


Bonneville Buick




666 on the salt
I love this Interior




Of course the driver wore a red suit with a huge white beard


Nice spread


4 Speed’s these are ridiculous amounts of fun and way to fast for their size
Hondata worlds fastest CRX the driver is a woman from New Zeland
2 Slammed Sleds
Bagged Chevy
Dropped Wagon


Now thats LOWWww


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