Toyota’s luxury market, Lexus,  has always been known for their luxury design, dependability, and comfort.  In 2000 Lexus (Luxury Export United States) introduces the USA to their first compact luxury sport car called the IS300. Sporty exterior features and inteior styling to uphold the Lexus badge, the IS lineup has brought performance to their household name. Lexus is now into their 2nd generation of the IS lineup and shows no retreat in sales. These cars are everywhere, ranging from the IS250 and 350, F-Sport, IS-C and their 8 cylinder powerhouse IS-F.

As you may know by now, I will always have a place for VIP styling and definitely this car is a great example of how to build one. Seems like all I feature for Hellaflush is VIP cars! Anyways, a few months back I posted up a thread on a couple of forums for anyone who is interested in getting their car featured with us and I found that Shauncey Credo would be a great candidate. I was exchanging emails with him for some time and finally made the time to get his feature up and published.

Hailing all the way from the aloha state of Hawaii, Shauncey Credo’s ’07 Lexus IS350 is a prime example of how our Hawaiian brothas get down with the fitment. Outfitted with high end gear such as Job Design aero, Junction Produce interior accents, and Trafficstar rollers, im sure that Shauncey gets nothing but love and respect out there.

When I look at a car build of any type, first thing I will look at are the wheels chosen. Shauncey’s choice of rims are the uncommon Trafficstar MZ’s. Very stylish and luxurious, fitting the traditional cues of a Lexus project car. Speaking of project… check out the stoppers! Project Mu? WTF! Now that’s just gangster right there. You would think that having an IS350, the brakes would do the car enough justice as is for stopping power, Shauncey went ahead and 1-up’d his oem calipers and made stopping on a dime look sexy.

Weapon of choice for suspension is Air Runner’s suspension & tank, then mated with Accuair compressors and controller. Stepping up to the plate for camber adjustment and getting the alignment job done is megan racing and their camber & caster arms, along with SPC ball joints.

So far Shauncey has told me there are still quite a few things he has in mind for his Job Design IS and will keep me posted for the things to come. Im loving the hard work and mods chosen Shauncey! Keep it up man!


Ower and Mod List
Shauncey Credo
2007 Lexus IS 350

Job Design hybrid body kit
Lexon rear roof wing
Kazz sports grill
OEM JDM color matched rain guards
Lexus rear hybrid emblem
Garax 6k HID bulbs
Shaved trunk panel

Job Design custom black neck pads
JDM L.E.D. bubble shift knob
Junction Produce leather pillow
Junction Produce 1st gen Hello kitty doll
Junction Produce 2nd gen Hello kitty dolls
Junction Produce Hello Kitty air freshener
OEM clear door puddle lenses
Full L.E.D. interior light upgrade

Joe Z polished intake
HKS hybrid air filter
TRD oil cap

Suspension/ Brakes:
Air Runner suspension
Air Runner 4 gallon stainless tank
Project Mu 6 pot front caliper w/ 355×32 rotors
Project Mu 4 pot rear caliper w/ 345×32 rotors
Viair 380C dual chrome compressors
Accuair VU-4 manifold
Accuair Switchspeed controller
Accuair black anodized water trap
Dakota Digital air pressure gauge
Dakota Digital air pressure sensors
Megan Racing rear camber arms
Megan Racing rear caster arms
Megan Racing rear toe links
Megan Racing rear traction links
SPC front camber ball joints
3/8 Stainless leader hoses
3/8 Air lines/ fittings

Wheels/ tires:
19×10 Trafficstar MZ w/ chrome barrel
19×11 Trafficstar MZ w/ chrome barrel
Goodyear F-1 225/35/19
Goodyear F-1 245/35/19

In car entertainment:

OEM Mark Levinson sound system

Name: Shauncey Credo
Age: 28
Location: Waipahu, HI

Occupation: Engineering Technician for Lockheed Martin.
Build time: 1.5 years

Been modifying cars for over 10 years. Previously owned a 1993 Toyota MR2 turbo and 2001 Suzuki GSXR600, sold both to obtain the

Lexus. Got my inspiration from previous co-workers 1st gen Aristo slammed with SSR Minerva’s and 1st gen Celsior slammed with AME AX’s

Future plans for the car are interior work, sound system upgrade, and more suspension goods.

Thanks to Revision Audio, JL Autobody, Job Design, Air runner, Riverside wheels japan,

Accuair, Mackin Industries, Club Lexus Hawaii, family and friends.