Wow, it’s been a while since I last posted here…so here’s a two for one special.  Let me introduce you to a pair of the flushest VW MKVI GTIs on the island of Oahu sitting on air and daily driven by Andrew Ramirez (white) and Dan Soulliard (black).  Both cars equally balanced in all aspects – yin and yang, clean and aggressive.

Dan’s blacked out GTI was a crowd favorite for the Euro category at Hellaflush Hawaii 2012 with his CCW LM20 Special Edition (F) 17×9 +32 (R) 17×10 +38 wrapped in 215/40 tires.

Andrew’s polished lips add a touch of class to an equally amazing setup of his white on white Work Meister S1 (F) 17×9 +20, 215/40 (R) 17×10 +25, 215/45.

Last but not least, thank you to the HPD Officers on Segways who let us finish our photoshoot 😉


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