I don’t usually like to post about my own car, but Anthony encouraged me to post this photo shoot that my friend Jeff did of my car. I love Jeff’s photography; among our friends, we call him Father Jeff because he blesses you with his photography.

My car isn’t anywhere near being where I want it to be; I still have a long way to go with this car. I still want to do something with the wheels and get small stuff like spoilers, a grille, and visors for the car one day.

Ever since I got into cars, I was always fascinated by the VIP styling of cars. I just never had a car that fit that platform until I got my Lexus IS250. What I love about the IS line by Lexus is that they can be VIP or sporty. Since I had an IS250, I wasn’t trying to go fast. I decided that I wanted to do a Junction Produce IS250 even though Junction Produce doesn’t make a single thing for my car.

When I saw that a set of Junction Produce Scaras was being sold on my forum, I immediately jumped on it. I had it rebarreled from a two piece wheel to a three piece wheel just so that in the future, I would be able to change the lip sizes and make custom specs whenever I want.

My friend Vinh had a set of Junction Produce Type 2 exhausts that he wasn’t using and was willing to let it go, but under one condition. I would have to sell it back to him if I ever want to let it go. It was worth it because this exhaust is discontinued and pretty hard to find.

My rear fitment could be better, but it’s perfect right now for daily driving.

Sharp booty.

Thanks Jeff for taking these photos! I feel really blessed that you took your time to send me to heaven with these photos. Check out Jeff’s flickr for more cool stuff http://www.flickr.com/photos/peepit. If you have any hella flush submissions, email me at ngu.minh@ymail.com