Well, this post is about a night with my long term, special friend, Serena Williams. For some reason I have had technical difficulties delivering this amazing story. Anyhow, it was about a week ago when Serena called me in NY to meet her at STK in the meat pack. Only a few blocks away from where my apartment is. It was 10’oclock and I had just got off work. Starving, I ran to the restaurant and met Serena, Jill (her agent and my BFF), the Nike Rep, BO (her hitting partner), and Nicole (her publicist). Arriving late, I noshed on the all the “white food” on the table. Garlic mashed potatoes, french fries, and hot yummy rolls. Nothing green in site! Once we finished there, we all piled into Serena’s SUV to do a drive by at the Drake Kodak shoot at 134th st – deep in Harlem. We weren’t there long, but I did get to meet Drake for the first time! Unfortunately it was one of those nights where my battery in my camera was flat dead. My iPhone doesn’t have a flash (I don’t have the new one and not sure if it is worth it), and I am not loving the blackberry torch that was given to me from the TORCH party in LA. With that being said, I had no way to record these events!

From Drake, everyone bailed but Serena, BO, and I. Headed to Greenhouse downtown, I called Jed to reserve us a spot in the VIP lounge upstairs. We danced and danced like carzy. This is where these pictures are from. Serena started to shoot away with her pink dazzled blackberry. We did 3 shots ourselves but only 2 worth showing. Actually Serena is the photographer of these pics. There is something to be said about taking photos of yourself. They have that photo-booth feel! After leaving the club, we went to SL, a club back in my neighborhood. Again, Mark hooked us up for a great time. Both Serena and I love to dance. It is sad that I can not show you more of our night, but as you can see – we had a great time and we love eachother.