This story begins at a workshop on the south side of Brisbane that is well know for their work with the development of Honda’s. Workshop owner Ivan has built a reputation at Hi Power Racing for creating powerful cars that perform consistently. When I dropped in to the shop a few weeks ago, I was greeted by an EG Civic getting a heart transplant. The patient made a full recovery and aside from the piping and intercooler poking out of the front bar, there is little to indicate what is going on underneath the subtle exterior.

As you work your way around the car, there are cues to indicate what is going on underneath.

Further inspection shows significant upgrades to the suspension components.

Lifting the bonnet, there is a H22A and an lot of piping telling you this is no ordinary build.

As you take a closer look, the details take a minute to soak in. Not least of all is the deep purple finish of the perfectly smoothed engine bay, that carries over to the engine.

The pipework and the TO4z attached dominate the landscape, delivering 1.2 bar into the 2.2L engine.

The turbocharged 2.2L engine is delivering 349.7HP to the wheels. Yep, the front wheels.

Now this is the point where many readers would quickly jump on the FWD / torque steer / just plain silly bandwagon, but having been a passenger in this EG, I can assure you that it gets every ounce of that power to the ground. To be honest, I expected it to be all of the above, but I was extremely surprised to discover that off boost, it was just like a normal road car and on boost, it just kept pulling. 

The owner is looking to push the power output past 400HP at the wheels and hoping to dip into the 10’s for the quarter. With a JUN head on order to hold things together, the next step isn’t far off.

The second part of the story began when another immaculate engine bay caught my eye.

Super clean is the only way I could describe this bay and following the naturally aspirated route, the owner of this EG is pushing 206HP out of this build.

Inside the cabin, it’s all business. With Defi gauges, Bride seats and bare metal, there is no room for luxuries.

But the red stitching around the gear lever is a nice touch.

Sitting in the drivers seat, there is a constant reminder in front of you of just how hard you can push these engines. Life begins at 8000RPM after all…

Again, this Civic fails to disclose the power and purpose hiding beneath the unassuming exterior.

These two cars struck me as quite special, as you can easily see the care and attention put into these builds.

I leave you with one final shot of the two Civics parked up at Hi Power Racing, but I am excited to know that there is still plenty more development coming on these cars. Check out the build list and the parts on order below. On top of that, I really want to see the White EG break into the 10’s!



Naturally Aspirated EG Civic

206HP at the wheels

JUN Port and Polished Head
JUN Camshafts
JUN Cam Spocker
JUN Valve Springs
JUN Retainers
Spoon Head Gasket
2.2L Brian Crower Stroker
B20 Bottom End strengthend by HPR
ORC 309 Clutch
Sard Fuel Rail
Tomei Fuel Regulator
Custom Intake Manifold by HPR
JUN Exhaust Manifold
JIC Coilovers
Dixcel Front and Rear Rotors
Endless CCX Pads
Work Rims
Hasport Mounts
S300 ECU
Reinhard 3inch RHo1 Exhuast

On Order
JUN Intake Manifold
Cusco 7  Point Roll Cage
Spoon Brakes



Turbocharged EG Civic

349.7HP at 1.2 bar

H22A Engine
T04z Turbo
Hondata s300 ECU
Skunk2 Intake and Throttle Body
Nismo Fuel Regulator
Tial Wastegate
Hybrid Intercooler
OS Giken TS2B Clutch
GAB Suspension
HKS Boost Controller
Hasport Mount
PWR Radiator

On Order
Spoon Brakes
Dixcel Brake Rotors Front and Rear
Cusco 7 Point Roll Cage
JUN Head
JUN Camshafts
JUN Cam Sprockets
JUN Valve Springs
JUN Retainers
Bride Seats