I usually don’t get that many email submissions for a feature on this site, but when I do it’s usually something real sick like Ace’s Porsche 996. You’re probably use to seeing alot of wide body RWB builds from us, so this mild modded 911 should bring a new breathe of fresh air.

Ace’s kept with the Porsche’s 996 smooth styling with a GT2 front bumper and front fender flares to accommodate his aggressive wheels.

Ace has always wanted a set of Japanese wheels, but with the 5×130 bolt pattern on the 996 it was difficult to find a set that would fit his car. He found a set of SSR MS1’s and did a little research on spacer adapters to make it fit and work on his car.

TechArt GT Street rear wing and the X50 exhaust tips really gives the rear character. I wouldn’t mind being stuck behind this car in traffic.

What I really like about his car is his front over fenders. It’s subtle and aggressive at the same time.

If you haven’t noticed yet, Ace had his car vinyl wrapped. It use to be yellow! He wanted to switch it up with his car this year and thought it would be a waste to just destroy an OEM Porsche quality paint. Vinyl wrapping it Traffic Grey Hexis was the answer to his problem. A clean job by Rolo Tech Car Wraps.

Ace’s future plans for this car has three letters in it like his name. RWB. He hopes that he will be able to acquire a wide body kit from Rauh-Welt one day.

Definitely a head turner, Ace was giving out neck braces to all the necks he broke in the park.

Ace is considering powdercoating his wheels. What color would flow well with his grey vinyl wrap? Leave a comment below to give him some suggestions.

Thank you Ace for contacting me for this shoot! Hope you enjoyed the photos and experiencing Capriottis and Tastea! If you would like a photo shoot for Hella Flush and need a photographer, hit me up! Ngu.Minh@ymail.com.



Traffic Grey Hexis Wrap
TechArt GT Street Rear Wing
GT2 Front Bumper
Bolt-On Fender Flares
30% Tint
TechArt Springs

X50 Exhaust Tips

2.5″ Custom Stainless Steel Muffler Bypass

Minh & HF for the dope pics!
RoloTech Car Wraps
DTM Autobody