It’s been 24 years since my first visit and every year since I’ve visited at least once, if not twice, sometimes three times in the same year. There’s always been a connection with the island that I really can’t describe. What makes Hawaii special to me is learning about the original Hawaiian Islanders and meeting new friends that have moved after the war and hearing their story on how their families migrated. All of which is real enlightening.

This trip we were fortunate to spend two days after our annual Slammed Society / Hellaflush Hawaii (photos up tonight) at the beach via the Puffer Hi crew. They invited us over to a beach house in Hale’iwa, North Shore. We got to know about each other, talked business, surfed a bit and got to eat some good food. Check out the photos and descriptions below.

The sign you know you’re in Hale’iwa.

Rollin from Puffer Hi’s truck we used to go surfing with. I was able to drive this monster for a few miles and have to admit it was challenging figuring how wide it was.

Checked out a secret surf spot of Rollin’s.

Too low to go out but perfect for these fisherman.

Found the surf. Dat, Tif, and I all got to go out this day. Thank you again Rollins for educating us about the surf. I knew a little going in but learned alot after the trip.

Arrived at the beach house in Hale’iwa and took this shot from the back yard. Yeah, it was that empty. Unlike the extremely crowded beaches in Waikiki, the North Shore was pretty quiet today.

Puffer invited their crew along with some of their friends they shoot with for their brand. Phil was shooting the girls until…

Kenny crashed the shoot. Oddly enough he felt right home.

Teru also showed off his modeling side.

For some reason even Chris aka DJ Flow felt at home and looked extremely comfortable modeling while eating some very delicious barbecue. He’s gonna have his set up online from the Illest B-Boy event but if you haven’t listened to his last mixed tape he made for us, listen it here.

The sunsets in the North are so good.

Post card status.

East 3 & Cherry Lei enjoying the sunset.

The house shines bright from the beach.

There’s no way I wouldn’t be in front of this every morning. So much to appreciate. Our other friends came thru to enjoy the beach up north and we all jumped in the back of the truck to go get some shave ice.

We’ve tried all of the spots. Wai’ola’s, Aoki’s and of course Matsumoto’s. Aoki’s was closed unfortunately so we defaulted to Matsumoto’s where the lines simulated a sneaker release.

Selfie shot of Rollins & I. Thank you again for your hospitality.

Put down your phone and forget about everything this time of the day. Enjoy the sunset as much as you can and appreciate being here not only in Hawaii but everywhere.

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