So the day before the main event we chilled, laughed and ate (alot). Here’s our journey to Hawaii for our 2nd annual Hellaflush Event. Can’t wait til next year.

Took Hawaiian Air real early..

Everyone crashed out.

Someone told Max not to close his blinds.

Ohhh.. Aloooooha.

Guess who we saw at the airport? That’s Al and Barry who somehow planned their trip to come to our event but didnt make it. Barry did but Al was hungover on the beach. Yeah, we wont forget.

After picking up our SUVs, we head to a familiar place. ZIPPY’s.

Andy was facebooking about Zippy’s a week before we landed. Zippy’s really needs to find it in their heart to open up at least one chain in SF or LA. You know the lines are going to be longer than In-N-Out.

I went for the Loco-Moco while the rest of the crew got the Zip Pack.

RAIN was in the forecast and we just found out another earthquake hit on a nearby island. Could this be Tsunami part 2! Here’s a bridge over at Aloha Stadium where we had the event. Looked a bit wild.

Leonards Malasada’s. Can’t go to Hawaii without going here. It’s good and bad at the same time.

Checked into the hotel right before the sunset.

After checking in we cruised by In4mation to say whatup to the fella’s.

Cruised the strip and saw some break dancers. These same guys would show up at the event and battled at our last minute 1on1 break battle.

Then the rest of the crew decided to get a late night snack.

The day of the event.

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