First and foremost, thanks to everyone that came out to our 2nd Word UP drift event of the year held at Great America in Santa Clara this past Saturday. Mother nature was kind enough to hold the rain off all day, we only had just enough light sprinkles to keep the ground damp throughout the day. Vibes were good, music was blasting, and good times were had. It was nice to take some time away from my daily grind to kick it with the FTLC family and meet some new folks. The morning started off bright and early at 7am as the crew setup not 1 but 2 courses this time, and thats not including the Figure 8 and Skidpad. With two good sized courses going throughout the day, the drivers were able to get as much drive time as possible. Drifters of all skill levels were out in full force, from first timers to Formula Drift drivers. It was an awesome day! I made it a point to snap as many pictures as I could to share with you guys since our Word UP events are not open to the public. Enjoy!

I’m pretty much in love with this car. It’s just clean, simple, and driven. Much props to the owner for driving such an awesome piece of machinery.

It also turned out that Phil and Linhbergh made an appearance at our Word Up event as well. It has been awhile since I saw these guys so it was good catching up with them. I have always been stoked on their work and always get inspired when i’m around them. Great folks for sure. Oh yea, and Phil just picked up a new 240. So Clean!

Speaking of Linhbergh, as the day progressed I found out that Linhbergh was on special assignment. He wasn’t just here to cover the event but to learn to drift as well. What a better way to learn than in Mark’s S14!

That’s the Eye of the Tiger right there. He did PRETTY DAMN WELL for being a first timer! Leslie also got behind the wheel of Kenny’s wagon and swung it sideways for the first time as well that day. Be sure to tell her Good Job the next time you call in to the Paddock!

Once the event was wrapped up for all of the drivers, Matt Field and Co. along with the FTLC crew had their own drift session. It was CRAZY! We are talking about 5-6 car tandems. Here, take a look.

We got SPARKS!

Jay Pizarro decided to rock his Takata Green TE at this event. Lovin it! Well, that about wraps up my coverage for this event. It was a great way to end out 2010. I asked the crew what they thought about the event and this was all I got from them…

To download these photos, please visit my Flickr.