I’ve always been one to pay attention to my surroundings, whether it’s being pleasantly surprised by the sudden whiff of bread baking, hearing the distant sounds of a train going by, feeling the bump of bass vibrating through your bones, watching birds fly by in that perfect pattern, or seeing a particular color only a flower can give.  I always see the beauty within…even in the most menial things.  So it’s no surprise that art plays a huge part in my life.

MaryJane Clothing is very much influenced by these very surroundings. Thank you universe…for simply being you…and letting me be me.

At MaryJane, love is love.  And we’ve started our own personal collection of all that represents that. See pics below…of our peers, our inspirators, our fellow hustlas.  Big ups to you for chasing the dream.  And being a part of mine.  

MaryJane x MEME

MEME bombed train.  Sactown, Cali

Lil’ John…keepin’ the DREAM alive. 


MaryJane x DREAM poster | Bay Grown, Cali Love | by DASH TDK


MaryJane x DIME

From the earth we grow, through concrete we rise! by DIME

MaryJane x AGANA

Handmade pendant by AGANA.

P.S. I don’t know how I come up with this shit ya’ll.
It be 100% organic.


Till the next episode…