I think it’s a been almost two years if not more, since I posted on our site.  The past few years I’ve been soul searching finding my purpose and meaning.

To not bore you all to death I am now husband, father, leader, and in such a happier place in life.

I just want to take a chance to say thank you to all my friends and the few posted below, that have been by my side through this journey. Thank you.


More importantly I found the deepest meaning of life, my wife, and child that make me a husband and father.

But in the meanwhile still haven’t lost  entrepreneurial/Car BUG !! Lol


So it’s safe to say that as a car guy ,nothings really changed but as a lot of us on this page we have grown and grow with great people within lifestyles and cultures we’ve been all lucky to be a part of. I feel lucky to be a part of the site again and I’m really looking forward to sharing all of our experiences from here on.