I enjoyed the company of some of my favorite people to be around when I’m in LA. Although the plan to attend Blu Monkey was very last minute for me–especially on a Wednesday–I had a lot of fun in comparison to nights that I actually plan on going out. I had the pleasure of meeting Bam, Phatrick, Geo (Blue Scholars), and Tep prior to the video premiere thanks to my bf, Jon. Sabzi, RockyRivera, Beatrock Music, Oishi Media, and Farmer JohnEric were the talented few amongst a crowd of friends and Bam supporters. The night was valued with some of the most influential people in the area.

Blu Monkey – Hollywood, CA

Myself, Bam + Jon

Me and Tricia

Sab, Bam and Phat at the DJ booth about to play the music video.

Folks chillin in the patio after the video premiere

Henny and Belvy

Me and Josie

Jon and Jovin

Me and Boj (Rhythm Natives)

Josie + Jon

w/ Glensymada (Rhythm Natives) and Wella Caldareta

I love the company I’m surrounded with in LA. <3

If I remember correctly, Bam had mentioned that DJ Phatrick produced the track. Also, my girl Tricia produced the music video. Shouts out to Oishi Media, Beatrock Music, Bam and Tep for this piece. The video was powerful.


BONUS PHOTO: We went to Norms after Blue Monkey.