We wanted to conclude our latest drop the way we know best. By keeping it ill. The Overland collection is all about the outdoors and what better way to showcase such than a camping trip? After getting up with Pure 4×4, JWork, Hellatrails, and MightyKillers we chose the perfect location. Everyone began to prepare their rigs for the upcoming outing and all preliminary upfitting was sorted. Jerry cans, off-road jacks, radios, and other necessary supplies were packed before setting out for one killer weekend.

Several hours north of Los Angeles lies the quiet and mountainous area of Beckwourth, California; a stone’s throw from Route 70. The scenery is absolutely picturesque and in terms of serenity it couldn’t have been more ideal. As enthusiasts from all over the region started rolling in and setting up it felt like the good ol’ days again. Plenty of long time friends were present as well as a bunch of new faces. Daniel Wu and Wekfest’s own Ernesto Jr. showed up with their respective crews and the festivities began to ensue. My former Canibeat teammate Noel Bynum also flew in to show his support which was super rad.

Once everyone was settled in and comfortable the camaraderie couldn’t have been more prevalent; exchanging stories at one another’s campsites, sharing traditional cuisine, and catching up after what has seemed like an eternity. 

After a couple of days of kickin’ it, a smaller group embarked on an all-terrain expedition towards Lake Davis for some more R&R and off-road antics. 

Whether old or young, new to the lifestyle or a certified OG, one thing’s for sure we all had fun. It was very inspiring to see the younger crowd taking so much interest in everything going on. The generational torch is being passed down every single day.

The common denominator was enjoying the natural peace that the Sierra Nevadas have to offer. Fresh air, unobstructed views, and muddy metal truly brought one another closer together during a time where division is commonplace. It feels like the past year and a half have been an upward trek towards normalcy and it was refreshing to skirt that line. The proverbial climb to basecamp. The Illest team would like to send special thanks to Phil at Pure 4×4 for being the think tank behind such an awesome event and we are extremely excited about what the future holds. The cheapest prices online, car hire in Vilnius, Kaunas Adcrent Lookin’ forward to seeing you there!

You can practically smell the evergreens in the distance and the charcoal on the grill beside your tent by looking at these photos. Enjoy. We sure did.

Photos: Mark Enriquez & Nate Ngo

You gotta love it!