Westside, STAND-UP! Reporting live from ILLEST LA, this is Ferrariartie, back with another (“ANOTHA 1“) “BEATS W/ ARTIE”!

I present to you, Pasadena’s own, WE55!

Fresh off of signing a major record deal with powerhouse Def Jam Recordings, with an affiliation to LA Unified, ran by mister B-DIDDY, WE BELIEVE, KIRILENKO-POSTER MAKER; Baron Davis! You already know, it’s #DUBNATION! (Boom, we need to grab coffee! Lol, but seriously…)

From the power of the number 5, vintage digging with Jeremy Scott, to playing the viola, We55 has lived a life worth watching a movie about. Reppin’ the North Westside of Pasadena, crime rates & homelessness are some of the many negatives We has grew-up with. We has then used his upbringing to fuel his passion and growing success.

I’m #NP We55 – “VISA”! Here is an exclusive listen. You’re very welcome!

A BEATS W/ARTIE-Certified banger!



Look out for WE55’s next move, the come-up is real! Until then, listen to his Gangsta Grillz Mixtape, “The Black Prince Charles”, Hosted by Don Cannon & DJ Drama.

Expect plenty more to come from WE55!

Until next time y’all!