(Intense) sunshine, (best of) friends, (faraway) family,
(delicious) food and (bottomless) alcohol.

Ingredients to a perfect vacay.

We stayed off our phones…
and just like part one of my fave indie trilogy,
it was all about dialogue and staying up ’til…

Before Sunrise.

for the cumad’s bday.

Then dessert and drinks at…OzumoHappy blessed birthday best!!!Napa overnight…the luxe life.Carneros InnHilltop Dining Room, for guests only.Our cottage.FarmBoon Fly Cafe#analoggirlinadigitalworldThe city that never sleeps…
literally.“Goalllll!!!”Hitting up one buffet is always a must here. 12am RunLive music at Container Park.GiadaThe Cromwell…my new fave casino.Steak ‘n ShakeFull House BBQfresh coconut juicecrispy patalumpiang shanghaipork sinigangtortang talongoxtail soupkare karesisig tilapia

And back to The Town.
Make Westing
The UptownAmp LiveA Plus and Knobody

Back to reality.
Hello sleep…