Went drinking with the goodfeeling crew last night and Charles told me he drove his Q45 all the way from Arcadia. I had to shoot it before I got too wasted off of Hennessy and ginger ale.  Charles has always had a clean car to me even when he hasn’t washed his car for months. He was one of the first cars I saw back then starting to do wide fitment. When everyone was still into getting lower offsets, he was doing wider width. I remember he told me he was running too wide of a rim that he would get stuck on a driveway, even if he angled.  He was tired of getting stuck so now a days he just goes straight down the drive way.  Boss. Static life.-9 camber in the rear. Yum… fitment.. and that jdm grime.

Charles’s Modification List…

Stitch Evolution 18×10 ET-6, 18×12 ET-7
Boss Company SPL inner barrels
Nankang NS2/Achilles ATR 225/40/18, 255/35/18

Insurance Group Y33 coilovers + Swift coilover springs (KOF ’98 SPL spring rates)
Peak Performance RUCA, one-off modified for more than -6* camber
Peak Performance toe/traction/tension rods
Battle Version SPL one-off adjustable front LCA
Alignment and setup by Battle Version (-5.5*/-9* camber f/r)

Super Muffler SPL straight piped, non-resonated exhaust, Magnaflow tips

Pioneer AVIC-Z130BT 2DIN head unit
3000k HID foglamps
Bellezza curtains
JDM pixie dust and road grime

Charles recently bought a Lexus LS600H and I can not wait to see what he has planned for it. I have very high standards for it so he better not disappoint. Just kidding. If his LS is anything like his Q45 it will start a new trend or look super classy and it will definitely be on this site. Peacing out with Charles showing off his boss stance.