Whats up! I’ve been itchin to do a good ol’ fashioned feature for a while, but wanted something that was worth sharing to the community. S0 here we go! Meet Austin from sunny rancho cucomonga, CA. This is someone who is truly passionate about his cars, and maybe some of you might have seen his past projects like the 89 hatch that has been on the site in the past. Austin has since stepped it up to another level with his Z. Sponsored by VIP Modular wheels, the car riding on a set of their VX wheels in 18×12 -6 in the rear and 18×10 -9 in the fronts.

A quick glance inside the car will give you a steady dose of that VIP theme with the JP curtains, neck pads, and fusa rope, LV A pillars, back panles and tops off with some Bride zeta 3 buckets.

All in all, this car carries that “Don’t talk about it. Do it” theme as it reflects the personality of the owner; a classy car with the nuances of the sports car at heart. Hope you guys appreciate it!

So without further rambling, I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking:

If anyone is interested, high reso pics are on my flickr uncropped: http://www.flickr.com/photos/timeatk/

NO huge titles/magazine captions. Just photography. Shot exclusively for fatlace.com and the slammed society blog.