After spending only 12 hours back home in AZ after returning from Jakarta, Indonesia I’m off…
to Vegas for another annual installment of the SEMA SHOW

I’ve been attending since 97 or 98 I think, + I even met my wife at SEMA 12 years ago this SEMA!

Flying into Vegas from AZ you get to see the “mega bridge” and also the Hoover Dam where Megatron was held captive, haha
SEMA Show Nov 2011 001

Ford & Ford Racing hired me for the week to MC, announce and heckle attendees to come experience ‘Ford Out Front’ which had the 4 different drivers that are part of the Octane Academy, Gittin Jr., Block, Deegan & Foust…
SEMA Show Nov 2011 002

The 4 piece “man band” called Octane Academy, no musical instruments or singing here just loud pipes and attitude!
SEMA Show Nov 2011 003

Here’s one of the members now, Ken Block a great friend over the years + Matt Tuccillo of MWRT…
SEMA Show Nov 2011 004

Another long time homie over the years Bucky Lasek, my man!
SEMA Show Nov 2011 005

There’s plenty of great SEMA coverage out there I just caught a few here & there…
SEMA Show Nov 2011 007

ICON 4X4 makes sweet sweet cars including this old school Bronco with some modern hits…
SEMA Show Nov 2011 008

Love the colors + the matte color under the hood, nice touch!
SEMA Show Nov 2011 009

Mr. FATLACE and oh soo much more, Mark Arcenal, my birthday brother!
SEMA Show Nov 2011 010

Jake & Andy drifting their imaginary cars into the drift-o-meter….
SEMA Show Nov 2011 011

Here’s Block & Gittin hitting up the Drift-o-meter…
SEMA Show Nov 2011 012

SO here it is,
The Official HOONIGAN Keg Launch Party of the brand…
PARTY dude!
Rented out the Kingpin Suite at The Palms, had a keg party and launched the brand the way a HOONIGAN would, at this point this pictures are evidence rather than coverage!
HOONIGAN facebook for more info!!!!!!
SEMA Show Nov 2011 013

The gift bags all nicely arranged ready to be given out to the only 100 people invited or so…
REMEMBER this pic and see the aftermath!
SEMA Show Nov 2011 014

Welcome to the ‘dorm room’… Your fraternal Hoonigan President Brian Scotto! My brother from another mother!
SEMA Show Nov 2011 015

The latest brand is Hoonigan, where the cars are dangerous, the food is fuel and Ron is the best!
SEMA Show Nov 2011 017

Too many epic people to mention in this party pic…
SEMA Show Nov 2011 019

This would be the last time time beer pong was played on this table!
SEMA Show Nov 2011 022

Vaughn & Beard Life himself Hertrech aka BG!
SEMA Show Nov 2011 023

Oh Linhbergh!
SEMA Show Nov 2011 024

Matt getting NUTS!
SEMA Show Nov 2011 027

Keg, dudes pole dancing, it got nuts!
SEMA Show Nov 2011 029

Scotto, Josh Barnett & Vaughn Gittin Jr…
SEMA Show Nov 2011 030

Oh it’s on!
Hoonigans know how to party!
SEMA Show Nov 2011 032

Jenny I see your cast in the air, wave it like you just don’t care!
SEMA Show Nov 2011 038

Interview with a Hoonigan vampire & Handsome James approving!
SEMA Show Nov 2011 039

SEMA Show Nov 2011 041

That’s a WRAP!
Hoonigans, came saw & conquered, it’s OFFICIAL HOONIGAN IS ALIVE!!!!!!!
SEMA Show Nov 2011 043


The gift bags had a limited edition tee, each numbered and marked with 11.1.11 the official date of launch!
Hoonigan pack 001


Got to ride with my friend and VERY experienced pilot Tanner “GoldenChild” Foust I love this dude!
SEMA Show Nov 2011 046

Here’s a video riding shotgun in the 600+ hp lil Ford Fiesta!

This day it was both Deegan & Foust putting on an AWD Fiesta demo, did a lil Gymkhana kind of race set up, impromptu…
Was fun!
SEMA Show Nov 2011 048

Here’s Metal Mulisha General himself Brian Deegan…
SEMA Show Nov 2011 049

See ya buddy, until next time. T. Foust…
SEMA Show Nov 2011 050

Oh yeah cars…
SEMA Show Nov 2011 051
SEMA Show Nov 2011 052

SEMA Show Nov 2011 053

Headed to the hotel, ran into Arcenal again and one of the legends as of recent Nakai-san of RWB infamy!
Now with RWB USA being announced he’s a BUSY MAN!
He’s seriously all time, GSD, DGAF legit!
SEMA Show Nov 2011 054

Thank you HRE Wheels for the pre-party drinks in your suite, nice primer for the nights…
SEMA Show Nov 2011 056

Up & comers, Corey Hosford, Nate Lil Tex Hamilton & Jeff Lane!
SEMA Show Nov 2011 057

Yo is party dude, Kenji of Greddy, muah, Jasper, Yo, forgot her name sorry & ACP…
SEMA Show Nov 2011 062

Tommy Milner & I, what up buddy! Good chat, lets get you sideways sooner than later…
SEMA Show Nov 2011 065

The final day of SEMA…

Friday walking into the show I saw somebody who looked familiar as he was inspecting some paint samples at a booth, yep it was him…
I introduced myself to him and long story short I met, had a lengthy conversation about drifting, cars, North Idaho, design and some other odds & ends including animals throwing poop.

His name is Tinker Hatfield an icon in the shoe world, his impact on the footwear world and even the progression of modern shoes and fashion in general is overwhelming…
People aspire and have even been compelled to say “I want to be Tinker when I grow up”
I’ve admired Tinker from a distance and his work. As I grew up a lover of unique sneakers before it was a REAL cash cow, I admired cross trainers, Agassi’s, Flights, Air Max’s, Bo Jacksons but I admittedly NEVER owned a pair of Jordan’s but many unique Nike’s and have said that the Jordan V’s are my favorite because of the clear sole and lace lock, all the kids in my middle school basketball team had them, yet I didn’t play basketball so didn’t want to front!
Regardless I grew up with Nike’s on my feet and my favorite pair of Nike’s I probably have today are Air ZOOM Havens but in all black! But of course have others on ice…

Long story short I met Tinker Hatfield, nice guy, invited me to the campus and of course I invited he and his associates to attend anything I’m involved with especially a shotgun ride in a Formula DRIFT competition vehicles…
Thanks for your time and convo, it was my pleasure…
So come on Tinker, let’s get you sideways!

SEMA Show Nov 2011 069

Back to the cars…
SEMA Show Nov 2011 070

I’m a sucker for camo…
SEMA Show Nov 2011 071

My man, Sean Smith Designs killed it with this one, he designed it for the Ring Bros…
SEMA Show Nov 2011 072

Here she is RWB X HOONIGAN, EPIC! White yes, matte yes, wide yes, sexy yes, just AWESOME!!!!!!
Congrats on the whip, was seriously many peoples favorite of the show!!!!!!
SEMA Show Nov 2011 073

The proud owner Brian Scotto, psyched on taking her home now…
So much he drove it in the snow, if you havent seen it, he drive it from the Bay Area to Vegas then back home to CA through SNOW!!!!!!
SEMA Show Nov 2011 075


Rad booth…
SEMA Show Nov 2011 077

Monsters Pikes Peak record holding ride in the sick GoPro booth…
SEMA Show Nov 2011 078

Really liking the new Hyundai Veloster, Millen’s RallyCross ride is sick, like the roof scoop…
SEMA Show Nov 2011 079

Ridic and awesome at the same time…
SEMA Show Nov 2011 080

Roland Sands Designs aka Honey Badger doesn’t even give a …
SEMA Show Nov 2011 081

SEMA Show Nov 2011 082

VERY impressed with 2 companies I’ve worked with and respect, Scion X 686, the pictures don’t do it ANY justice it’s a MUST SEE in person!!!
SEMA Show Nov 2011 083

That’s fabric with zippers wrapping the exterior…
SEMA Show Nov 2011 084

Raw metal I’m a super sucker for then throw the engine in the rear, why not!
SEMA Show Nov 2011 085

That’s a wrap on SEMA 2012, so much good stuff, the industry is alive & well!
Stoked on all the friends, family and fans I have in this world.
It’s very rewarding after all these years a kid from San Diego that grew up street racing has parlayed it into a an actual career…
Thanks to all and to all a “LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!!!!”