Hey world, sorry I’ve been M.I.A. as has FATLACE.com and to be honest this is a temporary site and we’ll be back and badder than ever!!!! (not Bad meaning bad but bad meaning good, hugh!)

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Follow me from all the way back before 4th of July…
Incipio Cases, tattoos, fireworks, NOS Energy Drinks and vuvuzela’s in Seattle!!!!!!

4th of July we had a HOUSE FULL, not Bob Saget style like DeAnda style!
It was rad, my oldest boy cousin and I in honor of our recently passing grandpa went and caught our DeAnda family crest tattoo from the lil Homie Andrick Aviles, 19 years old and he can get down! Thanks Andrick

Alpinestars laced your boy out for the summer, tank tops!!!!
Solid Thanks Astars as always!

FIREWORKS for the 4th, shhh their illegal!

Sea Life Aquarium in PHX, yep… family trip!


Adrian Wilson of the AZ Cardinals NOW rocks an Incipio Silicrylic case on his iPad, that’s whats up!

Peep Mr. Wilson’s ride…

My boyr RJ’s siiiicccckkkk FJ, the OG FJ!

Tyler McQuarrie and his new iPhone 4 INCIPIO NGP case, he’s stoked!!!

I help Joshua Herron install an Incipio case on his phone…
Nice REBEL8 lid right?

Formula Drift Seattle was sick!!!
The vibe is rad, the weather was hot and the driving was even hotter…
Peep, Ryan Tuerck, Mad Mike and wifey Toni Cook BMX’ing the track pre event!

The NOS Energy Drink mic, the NOS Vuvuzela and THE FORMULA DRIFT SEATTLE CROWD!

Well we caught up, catched up, KETCHUP!

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