Sunrises and sunsets are every photographer’s dream window of time. It’s the golden hour: if you’re lucky, the sky is awash with stunning hues, sharp angles are dramatized in the best ways possible and 97.9% of subjects look angelic no matter what. Can you imagine if the magic of sunrises and sunsets lasted five hours every day instead of just five minutes? Would that change our perceptions of them completely? I’d like to say no. Maybe we’d all just be happier, more reflective individuals. Maybe we’d take the time to slow down just a litttttle bit more.


Ji & I chased our share of sunrises & sunsets this road trip. From Marfa to Carlsbad to White Sands to Shiprock… you’ll be seeing a lot more of these. #SorryNotSorry. Let it be a reminder to sit back and chill for a second. Breathe. You’re welcome.