I met Ryan a couple weeks ago at a local car show and after talking for a bit I found out he was form VA beach; memories of huge potholes and terrible driving conditions suddenly came back to me from when I drove down for the first Wrong Fitment Crew meet on the Mid-Atlantic (North-East) region.

I didn’t know what he drove at this point, so we decided to walk back to the cars and it turned out we parked next to each other! Although I had noticed the car from afar when I pulled in, I didn’t realize how clean the car was until I came back for a more detailed look.

If it wasn’t too obvious from that picture, Ryan owns one of the new model VW Jettas on some fresh gold Rotiforms that compliment it’s color really nicely.

From what I noticed, Ryan has worked hard to keep his ride looking very clean, maintaining a very simple motto but yet looking very clean.

I sked ryan why he chose to go with air over staying with the traditional static suspension we all love, and there is a simple reason behind that with which I totally agree with:

“If you knew the roads in the Hampton roads area this question would answer itself. My city alone has bad roads, but I like to travel and you never know what the pavement will be like in other cities. Since I planned on traveling to alot of shows Air just seemed the right choice”

I also asked him why he picked this car, and not something else…?

“Well honestly my journey began with the choice of 3 cars, 2.0t Genesis, Ap1 s2000 and Volkswagen Jetta. I previously owned a mk III jetta so I guess I started my shopping a little biased. But I’m more than happy with the way Cloud VI came out, I couldn’t see myself with a different car”


MK6 Jetta Full Kit with Switchspeed Analog Management

Front Suspension: Air Lift Slam Series

Rear Suspension: Custom Made (.01)

Rear Shocks: Bilstein Sport

Compressor: Dual Viair 400C

Air Tank: Raw Aluminum 10 Gallon

Gauge Kit: Yes

Controller Finish: Nickel

Digital Pressure Sensor: Yes


Rotiform  BLQ 3pc in Translucent Gold

19×8.5 et40 in the front

19×9.5 et40 in the rear

Falken 205/35/r19 front

Falken 215/35/r19 rear


Bride Euro II front racing seats (driver and passenger side)

Back seats wrapped in suede with bride graduation fabric to match the front Bride seats

Rear tank is sunken into a black suede trunk set up featuring a BLQ spare on display (same specs as rear)

Upgraded RCD-510 multimedia interface

Led interior; trunk, front and rear interior

Fog light kit from a 2011 Jetta SEL

Notched frame with sway bars removed



– Sebastian