Another year, another awesome vacation.

This summer, I traveled to Cancún, Mexico. It’s my second time back, but this time we traveled with two other families. In total, we had 14 people.

We stayed at Moon Palace in Quintana Roo, which is a little south of the main part of the city. Despite being away from the city, our resort was huge. The beach, 7 pools, 6 swim up bars, all you can eat and drink. I don’t think there was a day where I wasn’t in the water. There were also a ton of different restaurants in the resort (included in the all you can eat and drink) such as a Brazilian steak house, Japanese temppanyaki, and of course, traditional Mexican food. They also have a club, a couple of different bars throughout the resort, a teen lounge, a spa, and a golf course. It’s hard to want to leave the palace when it has practically everything you could ever need right there.

Outside of our palace, we went adventuring. We took a trip out to a cenote, a natural sink hole, and swam around in the cool water. We also went to Xplor. Xplor has 14 zip lines, underground rafting and swimming, and ATVing. While the rafting was a complete disaster because the people in front of me didn’t know how to paddle, the zip lining was such a rush. I would definitely do that again.

This trip was an amazing experience. We made friends from all over the world and definitely got a couple of shades darker. I can’t wait to go back and hopefully get to see Chichen Itza and explore all the other places Cancún has to offer.

Shout out to Miki Solarzano for the awesome video and thank you to the Solarzano and Reynoso families for joining us.

“Good Vibes and Tan Lines”

Courtney Oliver