It’s marginally embarrassing how long it’s been since I’ve last written a blog post. I use the term “marginally” very loosely, for there are wide margins (eg: the Yankees defeated the Angels by a gaping margin of 14–7 last week) and narrow margins (eg: please set the margins of your 50-pg thesis paper to .5″ while using Times New Roman size 10 font, single spaced). In this case, the margin is set at a few days past seven months. SEVEN MONTHS (!!!) Yikes. Sorry Mark. Mark has been gracious enough to host my random musings here for too many years to count now and I’m determined not to be a waste of server space any longer. In the coming weeks, please expect an influx of posts catching you up on my travels, work, adventures, friends, workout tips, gluttonous affairs and more. You know what they say: don’t call it a comeback!