When my family & I headed to Utah a few weeks ago we needed some new rubber aka tires underneath our Nissan Armada…
The Falken Tire Wild Peak A/T was our rubber of choice…

I had to head up see EVB & the homies at Discount Tire Direct to get them installed, say hello & check out their sweet office…

The new rubber…
Falken Wild Peaks Dec 2011 008

Falken Wild Peaks Dec 2011 001

Did you know that Bruce Halle & Discount Tire has the most extensive collection of Tire Poster artwork in the WORLD!
Also, they own the only cut in half Daijiro Yoshihara Lexus IS hanging on their wall, NBD!
Falken Wild Peaks Dec 2011 002

Speaking of Dai Yoshihara he has his own wheel line coming out, check em out!
Falken Wild Peaks Dec 2011 004

Did you know that Falken has some sick Off Road wheels?!?! I like the matte grey finish middle one!
Falken Wild Peaks Dec 2011 005

Where’s my stapler?!
This was right after Christmas so Discount isn’t that lazy…
Falken Wild Peaks Dec 2011 007

RUGGED, Like me… NOT (that just happened)
Falken Wild Peaks Dec 2011 009

I’m kind of backing the off road look versus the 24″ look nowadays, hmmm…
Falken Wild Peaks Dec 2011 011

Falken Wild Peaks Dec 2011 012

There they are the Falken Wild Peak A/T a great option for you if you’re hittin the dirt, the snow, the elements…
Falken Wild Peaks Dec 2011 013

Fast forward to this weekend, Falken set my son Parker, my friend Terry, his son Cooper & I up with tix to Supercross here in Phoenix…
Falken Tire sponsors Villopoto 2011 Supercross Champion…
RV2 also has some INCIPIO cases, peep em
Supercross Jan 2012 003

Here’s Falken’s new commercial featuring JR, JTP, RV & the ALMS guys…

What’s up ladies!
Supercross Jan 2012 002

This is Cole Seely #34, he competes in the Supercross Lites, he took 1st at Anaheim Round 1, and currently sits 2nd after 2 rounds of Lites competition,
BTW Cole has an S13, drifts and gets down, so does his bro & friends… RAD!
This is a video from last year when he was on the Illest program, Day in the life from 2011…

Good catching up, go get em buddy!
Supercross Jan 2012 001

Supercross Jan 2012 006

Parker gets hyped!
Supercross Jan 2012 008

Hey look who showed up in AZ, Linhbergh & Thao, the latest couple to announce their relationship via Facebook…
They’re in town to run the P.F. Changs Half marathon, congrats kids!
Supercross Jan 2012 010

Well, that’s as they say “how the cookie crumbles” or better yet How it gets HOUSED by PJ!
Supercross Jan 2012 011