We’ve been honoured to have a great circle of Family that we’ve grown along the way with, but to be able to say that a person in The Culture who has dedicated their life’s work to uplifting the essence + spirit of Hip Hop Art is now part of that circle, is not only humbling, but inspiring. EAST3 of the Almighty 808 Giants, Rocksteady Crew + Universal Zulu Nation gives us the ultimate Holiday gift w/ his Tribute to Baby Apollo-Max, which the SRxMM Family lost this May 2010 due to complications. In many ways, this lifts our spirits to know that someone of such stature took the time to do this for us and to know that folks are out there keeping our Rising Son’s memory ALIVE. We give Thanks + Respect to our Brother in Art, as well as let you all know to check back in 2011 for our venture w/ the 808 Aloha King himself, Mr. EAST3. Follow The Conversation: @EASTTHREE // Give Thanks.

“May Our Ancestors Watch Over Apollo-Max. Peace, Blissings+Condolences To Your Fam” -EAST3


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