I couldn’t make it down south to get some shots of this event, but thankfully my buddy Kevin Choi was kind enough to provide us with some photo coverage of the event. I’ve been wanting to go down to East Coast Fitment Festival for the past two years but it seems like I always have car trouble around this time – oh well, there’s always a next year.

“I made this 6 hour road trip to Streetwise Drift : Metal in Motion x ISO East Coast Fitment Festival 2, which was held at Zmax Dragway in Concord, NC. Although it was raining through out the day, it was not enough to stop the show or the drifting event. Many cars and spectators showed up as expected after seeing the great turnout last year’s event had.”

Kevin Choi – www.KCImage.net

Onto the pictures!

































Photography by Kevin Choi – www.KCImage.net