Christmas & New Years has come & gone, 2012 is here!
The cheers, jeers & beers have been now silenced (well beers are still here) with work and the new year/opportunities for all to be focused upon…

I want to share with you over the next couple blogs mine, my family & friends holiday joy…

Enjoy only some of the goodness, because to be honest it’s nice to just enjoy & not blog EVERYTHING! due to popular belief I don’t blog everything!

Christmas eve with friends & family… & of course it’s all about the kids!
Christmas Dec 2011 007

My wife made a bangin cake!
Christmas Dec 2011 001

We had fun!
Christmas Dec 2011 014

Christmas Merry we did have from Yoda & PJ…
Christmas Dec 2011 015

Thanks HPI Racing for some radical R/C cars both Ready To Run aka RTR Blitz truck and ALSO Vaughn Gittin Jr’s Monster Falken tires Mustang!
Christmas Dec 2011 020

Bikes & brews, some of my favorite things, thanks to my inlaws for the l/s & short sleeve Stone Brewing Jerseys...
Christmas Dec 2011 024

This was Parker’s gift he got from SANTA, these things are awesome every day for days straight we ride these things, me, my bikes, the neighbors, the R/C cars, everybody they’re AWESOME…
FYI, if you’re asking they’re Landwave products ramps
Christmas Dec 2011 028
Christmas Dec 2011 038

Look who came through AZ, The HOBO Josh Herron…
Beard Life rocking, back from Chi Town, he’s back!
Christmas Dec 2011 044

Rendezvoused in AZ with a lil lady friend of his…
Christmas Dec 2011 046

Winter time in AZ is EPIC!
Nice briskness, the lighting, the mellowness, the enjoyment of awesome weather, yeah it’s hot in AZ in the summer but RIGHT NOW!
It’s ON POINT!!!
Lots of walks, bike rides, doing, hanging, loving life, I’m blessed and my son is evidence of that, I LOVE my family!
Christmas Dec 2011 055