After weeks of shameless self  promotion, my first photo exhibition took place last night at Brooklyn Projects in Pasadena California. The planning for the event started at the end of August and after the response and turn out last night, Melloe Won and I achieved what we set out to do after our first meeting. We selected a number of photos to be printed and two of the printed photos were also selected for the two tee shirts that were sold yesterday at the event.

In front of the store, we had Fernando from Lifestyle with his 58 Impala, Joey from Techniques with his Lincoln and Paul from Old Memories with his 38 Chevy out in front. After Paul left, Rocky & Susan, and Tutu and his wife show up with their Chevy Bombs.

Sino Tequila provided some great cocktails and DJ Wrex and his crew played a nice mixture of music all night.

Lifestyle, Techniques, Together, Good Times, Neu Exposure, Royal Image and Westside were some of the car clubs that came out to support the event and I’d like to thank them for their support. My family and friends also came out to support! Great to see everyone and I’d like to thank you for your support as well. I’d also like to thank Howard Gribble and Evan Greenspan for taking the time to drive out to Pasadena and show their support as well.

Many of you asked about purchasing the photos. Please email at for more information.

This was a personal highlight for me and my photography. I would like to thank my wife and partner Stephanie and our children Caila and Julian for their support.  I would also like to thank Melloe Won and Brooklyn Projects for the opportunity and I cannot thanks our event sponsors enough. Sino Tequila, Labels, and Acrylick were great partners in the event. I would also like to thank Ultrawide Inc for their great photo printing and sponsoring the step and repeat, GladRags Ink for the shirt printing and DUB Magazine for printing two of my covers.

The two tees that were produced for the event are still available from Brooklyn Projects. You can visit the store at 1776 E. Colorado Blvd Pasadena, CA or call 626-584-9155 to place a phone order.

Until next time…