Saturday afternoon the family & I headed to Del La Barracuda on Melrose in Hollywood to attend Mike Giant’s event called Return of the Los Angels. The event was filled with fans of Mike’s art and Rebel Eight brand wating in line to purchase event edition tees, posters and hats. Mike Giant also did a live art installation to conclude the event.

Mike Giant personalized Barracuda for the event.

Tees, Hats and Posters to commorate the event.

Mike Giant signing some of those items sold.

The men of the hour ~ Joshy D & Mike Giant

Sino Tequila provided some great adult beverages for those in attendance.

KROQ 106.7 was also on hand with their Mike Giant/Rebel 8 wrapped van.

Mike finishing his art piece for the event.

The completed art installation.

~ People pictures ~

My friends Ricky & Eric are here from Virginia.

Ricky & Estevan Oriol

Eric with Skinhead Rob & Paul Wall

Sal & Tana

Neil & Emily

Big Flaco

My new friends!

Ash from Conart! Go check out the store on Fairfax!

Skinhead Rob & his girl. Don’t forget to pick up some Expensive Taste gear!

The event was a good time. Congrats to all those involved with the planning and execution.