If I could use only one adjective to describe the event, it would be “lit”. This will go down as one of my personal favorites because setup was smooth, the display of cars were on-point, and the vibes were all around good.

For this particular event we wanted to spotlight Garage Welt, a SoCal based brand that appeals to a younger generation of automotive enthusiasts. We really like Narek’s (owner) attention to detail in all his products, but we’re particularly impressed by his skate decks which feature iconic cars of the now and then. On the one’s and two’s we had Kid DEE and Ant One from Krazy Kids Radio laying out the evening’s soundtrack and The Game Day Truck rolled up and served up some delicious plates and kept the crowd from being hangry (thank guys)!

I recently saw a comment on Facebook where a follower was in shock that Fatlace was still a “thing” and for that specific reason is exactly why I throw these events. Fatlace Friday is more than just a get together in a warehouse with music and some nice cars, it is a platform where passionate automotive enthusiast get together and talk shop over curated automobiles, music, and food.

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