Gooooood Morning Fatlace!!!!!

Woke up this morning and finally had some time to peep this new music video from Evidence for his single “You,”  now if he looks familiar to you, it’s because he’s 1/3 of the hip-hop group Dilated Peoples. Also wanted to show y’all one of his older videos because the camera work for both videos were very similar with their up close shots.



Both videos are very artistic and innovative from the way they were shot, but they were able to fashion them to be very different from each other.

It seems like lately Evidence has been a fan of having odd angles and whatnot with his videos, where it’s heavily focused on him but there is more going on in the background.
The uniqueness and richness of this is that it’s almost as if he’s showcasing his life through these videos, while telling the story. Although he went solo and is on a new label, (Rhymesayers) his new album is set to drop 8/27, “Cats and Dogs” is not one to sleep on for you hip-hop heads.

Remember to SPARE THE AIR today, Bay Area!