Finally got around to my F1 Photos. Here’s a few familiar faces if you follow F1 and if you dont, it’s ok.

Saw my favorite F1 car of all time. Johnny Walker Special driven by Bruno Senna.

Robert Kubica

What! Yes, you’re looking at the trophies. Bumped into them walking around the media building.

Girly from Force India! Whatup!!

C63 Wagon Pace Car.

Kenta updating his Twitter during qualifying.

Saw Luizzi after qualifying.

Button driving into the pits during the race.

We lifted up these wheels and they were super duper light.

The only way to get around! I saw Webber get into one after the win.

This was very cool to see and I think it’s some kind of tradition where the track workers hurl around spectators while their friends take photos and they drink beer. This celebration was going on 3 hours after the event. Awesome!

More photos

Last but not least.. we spotted this Renault Clio V6 outside the track. I’ve only seen this car in Gran Turismo. Awesome.


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