I have been wanting to feature this particular car for quite some time now and being that Tanner is also my brother, I want to make sure the write up does the build justice. The story begins during the summer of 2012 when he picked up the bone stock coupe from an older woman in Raleigh, North Carolina.

He has spent the better part of the last ten years aquiring a vast amount of rare Japanese parts for the S13/14 chassis and this unmolested ’91 provided the perfect template for Tanner’s vision to take shape. Suspension was the first order of business and coilovers were the obvious go to. Stiffer springs, adjustable camber arms, and a few other choice tweaks kept the quarter panels and gorgeous OG TE37’s from spending too much time together.

Once the fitment was sorted he tackled the Silvia front end conversion. The carbon fiber hood and fenders were imported then modified to fit the US market 240sx. They fit nicely and the end result looks factory.

It wasn’t long after the front end swap was completed that he purchased the G Corporation aero kit from a contact in Osaka. When the bumper and skirts finally arrived to the States in multiple pieces, he glassed them together with the help of his good friend Ryan Ritchie. Ryan’s bodywork can also be seen on his not-so-narrow Subaru that has been all over the Interwebs for years. With the kit in place and the prep work completed, the car got a fresh OEM respray and the color works perfectly the bronze rollers.

The interior came together simultaneously with the rest of the build for the most part. Tanner has always considered the coupe to be a weekend cruiser/show car and the old school Brides and Nardi classic look right at home and are functional nonetheless.

While I’m sure many of our readers would love to see this car shredding tire or kissing the wall at the local track, Tanner insists it’s strictly for looks. The lesser powered, naturally aspirated, KA24 might not have the numbers of the popular SR, but what this car lacks in power is absolutely made up for with high quality parts throughout the rest of the build. Definitely looking forward to seeing what’s in store for this car’s future as Tanner has hinted at a possible addition to an already lengthy wheel collection. Whatever route he takes we at Fatlace will be waiting to see what’s next.