I received a sample sale invitation, like I do everyday, but this one was from a designer I have some history with.  I decided to pay attention and actually take note of the event.  I was going to be in Malibu that a.m. and thought I would stop by on my way back in to Hollywood.  I looked up the address on my Iphone which led me to this Beverly Hills mansion, not a usual spot for a sample sale.  –  Just the opportunity to see inside the house was worth the adventure.

Immediately, as I walked in, I was greeted by the butler  –  actually he didn’t say much.  Even the millionaires and billionaires have cut backs in this recession.

There were several designers at this amazing home, not only to a make a sale, but each gathered together for a cause.  To save a furry friends.

Cleobella wallets and accessories hand made n Bali.  I really liked the fake passport look book.

My designer friend, Nola Singer, re-creates unique pieces from vintage jewelry and hardware.  Definitely worth checking out.

The coveted Chanel piece.  I keep looking for the right Chanel item.  Either it’s not quite right, or its too much of a dent in the pocketbook.  This one was above my budget, but stunning!!

Nola modeling the “Melissa” head piece.  An idea I inspired her to create when I was styling a bride.  Too bad I needed this a year ago.  It is exactly what I wanted.

I picked up a few LNA T shirts to add to my daily uniform of jeans and a V neck T.

More Cleobella bags.

Rob’s happily waiting in his Supreme sweatshirt with his phone.  There is nothing else he needs to survive.

I promise this isn’t a Sarah Mclachlan commercial even though this face can make anyone cry.  This little buddy was ready for adoption.  I hope he found a awesome home.  Looks like he deserves it.

Is the Chihuahua loved more?  He has a sweater?

Wether it is Animal Advocates Alliance or not – always fight and love our furry friends.  I am in love with mine.