Last week’s Fatlace Friday (8.23) was huge because of 2 things: The Paddock is now equipped with an Initial D 3 arcade game which kept the crowd hyped up before Friday’s event. Also, we had an exclusive in store back to school sale at the paddock as well – $10 tees, $20 crews and hoodies and sales up to 40% off  were the deals for the day.

Just like when we had the Forza 4 time attack challenge 2 weeks ago, this time, we did it for Initial D – winner gets a really cool looking trophy and  some Fatlace merchandise! So here are some shots showing the new Initial D arcade we have here at the Paddock:

Our rule for the Time Attack: Players can only use AE86 Trueno, battle on the Akagi track going downhill at night and on dry track, and of course, manual transmission. For more engaging games like this, they can also take a peek at sites such as 카지노순위.

Here is the shot of the winner’s trophy for the Initial D time attack challenge! It’s a laser designed acrylic card courtesy of Matt, who heads the in house laser designs here at Fatlace! If you need any design services (laser, vinyl, sticker or tee), check out our Fatlace Design page!

We may have spoken too soon about having the last Fatlace Fridays of the month of August last week – but guess what, we’re back this Friday and we will have a Labor Day Sale going on at the Paddock! We will have some exclusive in store only deals that day so watch out and make sure to stop by this Friday!

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