2012 has been an exciting year for us already, but much of the exciting stuff is saved for the end. With this year’s annual automotive aftermarket show SEMA nearing ever closer, we have been busily getting our own SEMA project cars together. Here’s a sneak peak of our Fatlace Motorsports GT-R, made for 2012 SEMA. From a visual standpoint, the GT-R will carry BenSopra’s GT Body aero package and will be riding on Work Gnosis GS4 wheels utilizing Falken 453K rubber. Under the hood, the motor’s lungs will be opened up with Greddy-based intake and exhaust systems, including an upgraded intercooler and manifold. To take advantage of the improved breathing, the engine management will be tweaked by the well known ECU tuner, Cobb Tuning. To hold the driver and passenger in place are Takata Harnesses and our brand new Illest x Bride bucket seats. Here is a few images of what’s to come.

Cobb Tuning
GT-R 3.5″ Y-Pipe
Greddy Type 29R Crossflow Intercooler
Greddy RX Intake Manifold Plenum
Greddy RX Intake Manifold Spl Piping
Greddy Air Intake
Custom Exhaust
Koyo Radiator

Illest x Bride ZEIG III Typer-R / Super Aramide Bride seat
GTR Roll Bar
Cobb Tuning Access Port
Takata Harness

BenSopra GTR GT Body
BenSopra GT Wing
Lightwurkz HID lighting

Wheels & Tires
Work Gnosis GS4
Falken 453K Tires