With the emerging popularity of fixed gear bicycles, an increase in bicycle enthusiasts has penetrated popular culture and are looking to stay. A fixed gear is a popular term for a bike with no freewheel. The bike itself cannot coast, as the pedals always have to be in motion. In 2008, Fatlace introduced the ARC, a fixed gear bike whose geometry brought you back to Kerin Track bikes of Japan.This year we produced a triangle fixed gear frame we’ve named Potrero. It’s main purpose is for speed on the streets.

Rocking a sleek triple triangle white frame with “Fatlace” pasted on in a scissor-like pattern, the fixed gear houses a WoundUp fork body with RB021 Prusuit Bar and a Thomson Stem. Underneath the handlebars is the green signature Fatlace symbol. For the bike’s front and rear wheel, including the hubs, rims and tires, Fatlace chose to go with the brands Zipp and Continental Gator Skin. THe bike’s crank-set/bottom bracket is a Sugino 75. To provide a comfortable ride, the saddle is made by Selle San Marco Concor, and the seat post by Nitto, while the pedals and straps are made by MKS and Cadence.

The inspiration behind designing these bike stems from Fatlace crew members love for cars and speed. Each of these bikes hold a piece of Fatlace vision and passion. While these bikes are sure to be a fun ride, it would be better serve as a collector’s item or a “weekend ride”, considering that there will only be a handful of these made. Only a a small group of bike enthusiasts and Fatlace fans will be able to enjoy the ride of these and be able to house these to admire the quality and effort put into the design. Will you be one of the lucky ones?

Frames are now available on our Fatlace online store here.



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