Warning: this is not an automotive post. As most of you browse Fatlace.com for builds and car events, a huge chunk of the monthly data shows that readers are deeply interested in lifestyle events curated by the team. Fatlace’s DNA runs deep in sneakers, art, graffiti and toys – things that embody the term “Collect Everything”. Today, we start off by kicking of a series which we’ll call as “Fatlace trips” showcasing Japan tours from 2014 to 2016.

These Japan trips have so much stories to tell so I will have to break down the content with a follow up post soon. While the main reason for these trips is to mount automotive shows and events across Tokyo and Osaka, the team takes a number of days from the 6-7 day itinerary to experience raw Japanese culture.

The group varies from 6 PAX and to 20 PAX flying in from different parts of the globe. The first 2 days are waiting time, usually we check in at AirBNBs across town and meet up for dinner. Events happen from June to August since the weather in Japan is just fair enough during those times.

Once the group is complete we then hire a van and drive around. For Tokyo, it’s usually across Mount Fuji, while for Osaka we usually head out to Okayama. We spend around 2-3 days across town and into to the outskirts. The “main event “Slammed Society or Hellaflush” happens to fall on a Sunday.

The itinerary, typically jampacked with car meets, is a bit hard to access via train. For example, in 2014 (my first trip to JP), we visited Mooneyes Cafe in Yokohoma with a group of 18 pax. After having dinner, we headed out to Daikoku Futo.

For those who haven’t yet been to Japan, you’d be surprised that American food is pretty good in this country as well.

Of course, nothing beats the home cuisine. For ramen, the most accessible one is Ichiran Ramen. Most people pay a visit in this restaurant for the experience of slurping that hot soup in your own “private capsule”. If you are going for the same experience, I suggest you order and go for that extra meat. to get the best out of it.

The best way is tp go around is just to explore, literally get lost, and be adventurous to try whatever you see. For example, my first ever meal in Japan was this Salmon Sashimi bowl at a random spot in Shinjuku. I couldn’t remember where it was exactly situated but it was definitely good.

80% of the time, the food is usually beyond satisfying – especially along Dotonbori street in Namba Osaka. However, I also definitely recommend you to try those restaurants in small alleys with hardly no signs. Whenever my friends ask me for recommendations on what to try, I simply reply “when there’s a line, fall in line.”

I’m not quite sure if you want to live by that motto by visiting Supreme. The store queue grew exponentially throughout the years. Drops here usually happen on Saturdays – 2 days after the US/online release.

Something you wouldn’t expect from the Fatlace trips are the visits to the tourist spots. Back in August 2016, we visited Osaka Castle after the Formula D x Offset Kings event at Okayama International Speedway.

Summer in Japan equals 40 degrees Celsius… In August 2016, there were only 6 of us who helped out mounting the Offset Kings Okayama 2016. The trip consisted of me, Mark A, Brian Ven Santos, Michael Klonoff, Von Alcantara and Leandro Rosas of Rolling Projects. Expect a feature on Leandro and his brand really soon..

Tokyo 2014 was the biggest group in terms of numbers. We hired 2 big vans and fully stretched out the week with a number of events. The Fatlace crew was composed of guys from Australia, Guam, SF, Hawaii and Manila.

We came back the year after with a smaller-yet-intimate group.

So what’s next? Trips have been postponed in the coming months but expect a full roll-out of travel posts when things slowly get back to normal. For now, expect heavy content from the Fatlace Team coming in from different parts of the globe.

Fatlace is also looking for contributors who share the same passion for streetwear, collectibles, sneakers and automotive content. Feel free to drop an IG message anytime.

Thanks for taking time to read this freestyle post. Stay safe – @kevcarlos 

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