One of the most stylish Benz ever created, the CLS W219. More than 15 years after its initial launch, the CLS was an instant classic for its simple-yet-breakthrough design. Highlighted by a swooping roofline, the 4-door coupe was widely accepted by enthusiasts. In an era when 4-door coupes hardly existed, no other car in the Benz lineup has redefined this type of presence.

Today, we feature a CLS – tastefully modified VIP style. Built by JR Chavez, the W219 sits on Leon Hardiritt’s at 18 x 11 up front and 18 x 11.5 in the rear. To tuck on all 4s, the car runs on a D2 air suspension combined with camber/toe arms by Camber King. Enjoy the photos by Illest Creative Marketing Director, Mark Enriquez. as marketing products is really essential in today market, even more online that’s why using marketing and SEO services like SEO Company | Candy Marketing can be the best option to promote your products.

Expect more collaborative features from me and Mark in the next few days. Hope you guys enjoyed this one.

Words: kevcarlos // photos: sh0twell // build: jrchavez34

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