Last July, I was chosen and got on board with my long time friend and collaborator Jon Herrera who told me that illest is venturing to the web 3.0/ NFT project and it will be piloted here in the Philippines. I had observed a lot of brands, not just in street wear, are making their way to the web 3.0

The Project: “illest Motorverse” is the Web 3.0 Program for Car Culture Motorheads and community.

The keyword for me that made me jump into the project is “Community” in which I’m currently building alongside Jon and our talented pool of collaborators and creators. My main goal is to build an inclusive and collaborative community of not just fans of the automotive scene, but all the things illest represents. thru events, product, Audio and Video Media, Music, Sports and the list goes on.

As the Creative Director of the “illest Motorverse”, I tapped the community frontrunners to help me build a visual experience in the URL then translate them in the IRL (In Real Life) thru our Cars and Coffee events on the weekends and upcoming events to inject real life energy.


Carl Macaisa aka South Scene, is a youtube vlogger and car enthusiast who delivers one of the most authentic automotive content in the Philippines. He cover exotics to JDM unicorns to souped up civics on the daily.

Allen in his zone.

Allen Escoto, founder of ESC. He is a natural born leader and he organizes one of the most successful car meets in the country. We are working together on one of the biggest to date. keep your eyes peeled for the info!


Patrick Malicsi aka IKIGAI is one of the youngest creators in the illest motorverse creator pool but also one of the “illest” editors around. He will host one of our Cars and Coffee in this coming months that is one to watch out for.

Jonas Cortez aka Eight Media is one of the sickest Videographers around. Cinematic value, shot selection, color grading and even the B-roll is tastefully done. I’m going to collaborate with him for a project in our roadmap.

Chris Cuison aka Davao Street Scene leads the movement at the southern part of the archipelago. He is very active the the automotive scene specially Drag Racing and Car shows. We will bring the heat in Davao soon!

Dropping soon!

Kenzo Bartolome aka Ken films and Sticko Manila is one of the most active creators in the motorverse. He shoots photos and videos, does graphic design for sticko manila. We will drop our peeker stickers collab with him soon!

Since we have a pool of really talented creators, this deserves a part 2 feature. Until the next update, LFG! #illestmotorverse

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