Later in the year 2020 when the lockdown was gently lifted granting us access to the outside world, we all had the opportunity to experience normalcy after a long time. That’s when Aldous Aldwin started to execute his vision that birthed this one of a kind masterpiece. Porzilla!

Porzilla’s Latest Version with the Works Meister M1 3 piece!

The Builder

Aldous is a multi hyphenated creative individual. His business endeavors are rooted from his passion for cars. He is the person behind TireBro and Uberwerke which serves the car community with car care and maintenance. On some days he is a photographer/ automotive industry media that covers major events.

The Project

Porzilla is a mashup up of words. Por- signifies the form which is embodied by the Porsche 944 chassis and “zilla” signifies the modifications rendered to the project particularly the RB25DET from a GTT Skyline.

The Result

A tastefully built Techno Vintage Porsche pushing around 350 wheel horse power and 270 wheel torque. That should be enough to put a smile in aldous face.

Apart from those impressive achievements of his build, from the recently concluded Neo Classic Car Event, Porzilla was chosen as Dino Carbonare’s (of Speed hunters) Pick of the Show.

The Specs

This build will be immortalized forever in the motorverse.

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