There were record temps in the Pacific Northwest leading up to our annual visit along side Formula Drift at Evergreen Speedway. Of course the one weekend we have our show, mother nature decides to send over the rain clouds. However, a little rain and wind did not stop Washington from showing up with their best. The variety of different builds is always something that stands out to me about this event. Lets take a look at a few of them shall we..


LIN_0013 LIN_2901 LIN_2923 LIN_2988

LIN_2955 LIN_0048

LIN_3158 2 LIN_3157 2

LIN_0029 LIN_2986 LIN_2934 LIN_2954LIN_0121LIN_0031LIN_3143 2 LIN_3133 2

LIN_0041 LIN_0045

LIN_0051 LIN_2958 LIN_2963

LIN_3117 2 LIN_2992

LIN_0132 LIN_0110

LIN_0064 LIN_0075LIN_0140 LIN_0126

LIN_0112 LIN_0113 LIN_3015 LIN_3063

LIN_3062 LIN_3055

LIN_3040 LIN_0133

LIN_3033 LIN_3026 LIN_3025

LIN_3014 LIN_3007LIN_0115 LIN_3017

LIN_0073 LIN_0123 LIN_2942 LIN_2999

LIN_0151 LIN_2921 LIN_2925 LIN_2927 LIN_2929 LIN_2933 LIN_2946

LIN_0119 LIN_2943 LIN_2978

LIN_2906 LIN_2994LIN_0070 LIN_0116 LIN_2922 LIN_2995 LIN_3018 LIN_3021 LIN_0118LIN_3155 2 LIN_0102

Big thank you to everyone that came out and embraced the rain. We hope to see you all again next year in Monroe.