Maybe you guys will remember this car back when I covered the Motion Autoshow a couple months back but that was when i started taking notice to this Subie. At first, by looking at this wagon you will think “whoa, nice setup! wheels, fitment, aero, on point.” But looking past the build itself you’ll find a girl behind the steering wheel of this Subaru WRX wagon. Everyone please meet San Diego local Bebe Layne. Now before you start going off and saying “yea right this is her man’s car,” not all girls get their mods done by their boyfriend. This chick details her own car, daily drives it (static by the way), its NOT automatic, and yes she has skills to drive over speed bumps like the rest of us (my bad bebe and dennis, our photo spot was a bad place for speed bumps lol). Strange enough to say, her previous car was a BMW M3 E36, and now switched to an AWD wagon. For me though, I’ll always have a soft spot for modded wagons since I own a slammed wagon myself.

So sit back and enjoy the scenery as well as the wagon itself. But for all of you who are gonna ask eventually…. Yes, she’s taken. lol




Cruising around the foothill neighborhoods of Laguna Niguel, I came across this house for sale that overlooked the city and ocean on Carribean Drive. Such a nice setting.

Offset Queens?? Yea the’yre out there!

I told Bebe and Dennis to park the wagon in reverse on the drive way just to get this look for shits and giggles.

Douche bag parking in the middle of the street

And don’t mind my daily driver element in the bg, just thought this shot came out pretty cool

Legit Bride Cuga seats hold Bebe in place, along with other Bride accents complete the interior of the car




Wheels and Tires:

Work VS-XX – 18×9.5 et25
Work VS-XX Caps
Achilles ATR Sport Tires – 215/40/18
Work RS-R Type – Extended Length Open-Ended Lug Nuts
Ingalls Camber bolts

Suspension and Brakes:

CUSTOM Stance GR+ Pro Coilovers – Custom Valving, Shorter 150mm Swift Springs (7k/5k), Custom Damper Length/Size, Anti Corrosion Coating, Helper Springs
Kartboy front endlinks
Kartboy rear endlinks
Sti Front Swaybar
Sti Rear Swaybar
Whiteline Roll Center Adjustment Kit
Whiteline Anti Lift Kit
Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings Kit
Paranoid Fabrications Front Strut Bar
Paranoid Fabrications Rear Strut Bar
Paranoid Fabrications H Brace
Paranoid Fabrications Fender Brace


STi Front Splitters
STi V-Limited Lip
Varis CF Side Skirts
Varis CF Rear Diffuser
Varis CF Rear Vortex Generators
JDM Subaru rainguards
PillarLess Grille Mod
Hella SuperTone Horns
Headlights Cleared and Painted Flat Black
HID Headlights (6000k, 55w)


MOMO/Subaru Shift Knob
JDM STi Red Hazard Button
Custom Black Interior (A B C D Pillars, Headliner, Sun Visors, Console, Dash, Etc)
Defi Gauges (Boost, EGT, Oil Pres)
Defi Control Link II
ATI Gauge Pod
Greddy Turbo Timer + Harness
Subtle Solutions Billet Aluminum Dead Pedal


STi VF43 Turbo
STi Bypass Valve
BigTop Mount Intercooler
06-07 WRX 560cc Injectors
NGK One Step Colder Plugs
Silicone Turbo Inlet
Cusco Turbo Heatshield
Walbro 255 LPH Fuel Pump
SPT Short Ram Intake
Invidia Catted Bellmouth Downpipe
Invidia G200 Ti Catback Exhaust
PNP Oem Up-pipe (de-catted)
Grimmspeed TGV’s (Deleted, P&P)
Grimmspeed P&P Headers
Grimmspeed P&P Cross-pipe
Grimmspeed Air Oil Seperator
Grimmspeed Copper Gaskets
Grimmspeed EBCS
Mishimoto Radiator Shroud
Mishimoto Radiator Caps
Mishimoto Radiator Hoses
Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator
Mishimoto Silicone Ancillary Hoses
Mishimoto Polished Power Steering Reservoir
Mishimoto Polished Coolant Over Flow Tank
Syms MCB Sock
Tein Hood Dampers
Optima Yellow Top Battery
Kartboy Battery Tie Down
Kartboy Engine Pitch Stop
Megan Motor & Tranny Mounts
Paranoid Fabrications Grounding Kit
Open Source Tune by Ron Watson @ Phatbotti Tuning


stance usa, mishimoto, chemical guys/smart wax, optima battery, grimmspeed (just signed up w/ them, no decal yet), kartboy, bc, invidia, nos energy drinks

Special Thanks:

wrong fitment crew, team praxis, freddie @ autofashion, mark arcenal @ fatlace/hellaflush, anh & chris @ style over comfort